Dealership or Local Garage for Your Next Car Service

Dealer or local garage for your next car service?

Have you been wondering about- what suits you the best- Dealer or local garage for your next car service? After watching this full video, I am sure you will surely get a strong solution to your dilemma.

Next time your car needs a car service; kindly don’t presume that your trusted independent garage or local “fast-fit” outlet is the cheapest option.

The local garage option may sound appealing in terms of saving a few bucks but relying on an under-player would surely compromise on the quality services you are looking for your vehicle.

Here are the solid reasons as to why you should opt for Windsor Mazda for your next car service:

If you’re on a tight schedule: we can save your time

  • It offers valet service including customer pick-up, vehicle servicing, & complementary car wash.
  • It has a state-of-the-art facility in Windsor-Essex with service drive-thru’s.
  • Comfortable waiting area, Wi-Fi zone, TV, cold beverages & snacks
  • Early bird drop off
  • Shuttle service available

When you sell your car, you worry that buyers will balk at non-dealer service records.

With computerized service history, you can track your record of service at Windsor Mazda which helps your car get sold faster.

What are you waiting for? Come & visit Windsor Mazda to get amazing car service in windsor Essex Area.

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