How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Driving

What steps can you take to prepare your vehicle for winter driving

It is important that you keep your car maintained all the times, especially in Fall season as the Winter season starts immediately after it.

There are a few things that you should tend to and a few preparations that you need to do.

The first and foremost is to

Change your coolant.

The ratio of the coolant is mostly set at 50/50 but in winter season, get the ratio of 60/40.

Also, flush out the coolant and add new coolant, this will help your car to maintain the ideal temperature and prevent rust or corrosion.

The second thing to tend to is the

Change the Batteries.

Due to cold temperature in winter season, the engine needs more current from the batteries to start. It is better to get the batteries checked and tested to make sure that they are in good health. If not, then it is recommended that you change the batteries.

It is good practice to

Change the wiper blades every 6 months.

Change the wiper blades of your car in order to get better visibility when it snows.

If need be, get the winter wipers for your car that will keep the wiper mechanism safe.

Get your car checked up at the Windsor Mazda so that you do not have any trouble in the up-coming winter season!