I had the privilege to purchase my 2014 Ford Escape from their excellent sales team! They help me find the vehicle i was looking for and for a price that couldn't be beat anywhere else. Their prices are unbeatable because of their no haggle pricing. Its worth going to take a look at their huge selection, you wont be disappointed!

‐ A, Kirk,

Frankly, I have bought a few Toyota before, but Windsor Mazda has the most professional sale/managers and treat customers with respected and for sure I will recommend friends and family to buy car(s) from them. Plus I really enjoyed driving my new CX-5.

‐ Virush, Sanji, Windsor

I will share my experience with Windsor Mazda in hopes that anyone in a similar situation will take my advice and go to Windsor Mazda for the best help you can receive especially when you need it the most. I was in a terrible accident and my car was totalled. I work out of town, so at that moment I lost 2 things I need daily in my life. With everything that comes with an accident- the time to heal physically and mentally, you also have to deal with all the paperwork and insurance etc that comes with it. Add shopping for a car to that. I went to Windsor Mazda in hopes for some guidance as to what my next steps would be. I have to say they truly made this experience a smooth transition for me. I can't thank them enough (Mazen esp;) and all I can do to return the favour is to send others their way. It will be one of the best decisions you can make, especially at a time of need. Go to Windsor Mazda and get the help you need. Drive safe:)

‐ LadyJetta,

I was advised by a friend to use Windsor Mazda for my used car search. They did not fail, very professional and tons of help. Thanks Kaliph.

‐ Dalia, Windsor

Hello Everything is perfect . no frustration. You are wonderful. I will recommend for my friends. Have a nice day.

‐ LK, Windsor

The team was outstanding! Thank you everyone for all your help! I don't believe there was a member I did not have the pleasure meeting and making my experience smooth and enjoyable. Thanks Again.

‐ Nicole T, Windsor

Great and friendly service! Definitely would recommend

‐ Kayla Kristen, Windsor

"Kaliph Did not patronise me, and gave me as much time as needed without pushing me to make a decision, and most importantly we did end up making a decision. Thank you."

‐ Trish, O, Windsor

I never give a perfect score but the reps here and the service is definetly awesome! I would Def recommend to others

‐ Stacey Isoline, Windsor

Kudos to Kaleb. He is a very knowledgeable and informative rep of your company. Knew all about the options and was very helpful in my selection.

‐ Jessica A, La Salle

The entire team was professional and courteous. I not only bought a car I honestly feel among friends. I have bought cars before (this being my only second one new) but like I mentioned to the GM I would love to work for him, the staff seem well taken care of and happy and nothing makes customer feel at ease then feeling a real sense of teamwork. Bravo if this car is built like the sales team. You have a life long customer here.

‐ Bobby E, Windsor

First of all, it's hard to have a "good" experience when purchasing a vehicle, it's just not set up for enjoyment. I have purchased over 10 new vehicles and I can count on one hand "having a good experience". I will say that your dealership is one of those five based entirely on our salesperson, Moazzam Beelut. I explained that I had been through the "process" many times before and wanted to skip the "back and forth" and get down to brass tacks. He took my suggestion and accomplished my request. I appreciated that he "listened" and made it happen. It wasn't the "best price" I found, however Mazen Samhat was the key to purchasing at your establishment. I also had a good experience with your "financial" employee, and believe because you have these positions on "salary" rather than commission makes the process more tolerable. I look forward to dealing with your service department and hope that experience will be similar. -Fred/Camille/ This was the first time I purchased a new car. Moazzam was a non pushy salesmen which I appreciated. My only feedback is the add on packages that are sold during final paperwork. I think these should be given earlier on to look at instead of right at the end. It seemed a bit too much of a sales move to me. In fact, if possible, I'm going to remove one of the two that I purchased. Other than that, it was a good experience. Thanks

‐ Fred & Camille,

I have purchased many vehicles throughout my life but I must say dealing with the staff at Windsor Mazda has raised my expectations of vehicle buying.  Kaliph was very pleasant and answered all my questions without holding back any information.  Mazen Samhat the General Manager was an excellent help in making sure that the CX-5 fit my budget and made sure that my finances worked.  I am very pleased with everyone at this dealership and look forward to long relationship.

J.C harrow, ON


Purchasing a vehicle from Windsor Mazda was an outstanding experience.  Moazzam was very pleasant and unlike any salesperson he introduced us to his General Manager Mazen early on during our purchase.  The General Manager took us to his office and took over the process to make sure we are happy.  We really enjoyed that part of the experience since we didn't have to negotiate with anyone except the General Manager.  He was very professional, courteous and helps us with our budget.  I would recommend this dealership to anyone!!!!!

M. Tecumseh, ON


Dear Hamoody:

Hello sir. I am writing to you in hopes that you could possibly pass this message on to your father, as I couldn't find an email address anywhere to message him personally.
On Saturday March 21 after doing a lot of research on the proper dealership to purchase a van to be modified from. I went to Countryside Dodge and met with Marco Tirone. My daughter has a severe disability, which leaves her wheelchair bound, and in and out of hospital and also on life support a number of times last year. I wanted to give my business to a company who supports the special needs community, who gives back to families, and who has a love for children. I did a lot of online digging and asking people about the Rafih Group.

I was very excited to go meet with Marco and check out the selection of dodge grand caravans for my little princess to make wheel chair accessible. And to even more of my surprise when we showed up the love and affection given to my little girl when we showed up brought tears to my eyes. Marco treated my daughter as one of his own, he was an outstanding salesman, and I knew right away that I would be choosing Countryside as my choice of dealership for the van. I went into the office where once again I was amazed by the outstanding customer service as well as the affection shown towards my special needs child by Nicole Langlois. It is not an easy task having a special needs child, so to be treated with such care and respect, and have them talk to my little girl with such love really meant a lot to me. I have a large community of special needs parents that I am in touch with and I will be highly recommending the Rafih Group dealerships, and also be highly recommending Marco and Nicole for future wheel chair van purchasing to these other parents.

I would just like to say from a mother facing many challenges, fears and worries with my child's illness, to have someone such as Mr. Terry Rafih and his associates and family supporting the community and the vast group of children both with illness and without, really means a lot to someone like me. It's very hard to find people who are willing to help others, and I know personally how much help we need. You sir, have a heart of gold and I truly wish more people would follow in your footsteps, because I believe the world would be a much better place. I am very close to John Bechara (brother to Tony and Danny Bechara) and I must say that they all spoke in such high regard of the Rafih family, along with Marco's comments as well as outstanding customer service has really made choosing Countryside Dodge more of a pleasure than anything else.

It was also brought to my attention that the Rafih group is known to reach out to families in need, those who may be very low income, or be facing extreme challenges. I've never been one to ask for any type of help, but I realize in doing so I may be providing my two young children with a better life than I myself can provide alone. I am currently off work to attend to my child's medical needs, and would greatly appreciate any form of help that the Rafih group may be able to offer to my family at this time. I will be spreading the word of the outstanding performance of your employees, as well as highly recommending to the therapists at the treatments centres to be sending families your way for their van purchases because I truly am blown away and amazed with my experience. Thank you for being exactly what Ontario needs, for being exactly what these local families need, and for giving me the opportunity to be a customer now and for years to come. I will gladly be purchasing my own personal vehicle from you in the future when I am able to return to work.

Thank you for your time and keep up the amazing work Mr. Rafih!!!!!!!

Kate K.

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